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Expression of Interest

Earlier this year we developed a mobile software application that allows us to monitor the environmental conditions of our hermit crab tank from our phones. There was quite a bit of interest from other people who wanted a similar set up, however the hardware we designed to broadcast the data from the tank was not commercially viable to make at a reasonable price to the consumer. We’re currently working on a new version of that hardware that would see us able to produce a complete package for around AUD$50 – $70 if we get enough orders for an initial run.

To that end we’re looking at setting up a crowd funding page to help us purchase the materials and equipment we need if there’s enough interest in the project.

The package would include a custom digital hygrometer that connects to the Internet via your WiFi router/modem, and a software application that installs on your Android or IOS mobile device for remote monitoring. We have a bunch of other cool features planned that we’ll outline should the crowd funding page go ahead.

We’ve created a poll so we can get an idea of how many people might be interested in getting their own remote monitoring setup. There’s no pledge or commitment to buy here. We’re just getting an idea of numbers.

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